30 Things You May Not Know About Me


Well… I’m 30. So many have asked, “How does it feel.” Honestly, it feels good and bad, ha.  Bad because it feels like a point of no return regarding time; even though time was never a thing that could be redone. Good because life feels calmer; calmer in that I have a better sense of who I am/who I want to be, what matters, the massive pile of nonsense that doesn’t matter, and the growing insight that with Jesus, it really will all work out.


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I am extremely grateful for the life I have walked through that has grown me in awareness as well as the importance of kindness to everyone, everywhere, all the time.  I wouldn’t trade my 20’s for anything, but I also would never wish to redo them. So cheers to a new decade! I will wear you proudly 30. I hear you’re buckets of fun and I’m down with that.

I will leave you with 30 things you may not know about me (not gonna lie, this list was harder than I thought to come up with lol).

1. I love eating healthy (most of the time, 80/20 you know?), but french fries are my kryptonite. If I had to choose 1 place to eat fries, it would be McDonald’s every time. But I’ll take ’em where I can get ’em.

2. My 4 front teeth are fake. In 6th grade I was in a car accident and hit the dash. They were able surgically put all my teeth back in, but my sophomore year of high school my body rejected the surgery and the bone that held my teeth in started to dissolve, causing the teeth to fall out. Like literally. I was standing in my kitchen eating an apple and my front tooth just fell out. Over the course of 3 years (and 10 surgeries later), they built up the bone enough to put in implants. In the meantime, I had a retainer with 4 teeth I could take in and out.

3. I am 3/4 Puerto Rican, but 100% always down for a good Puerto Rican home cooked meal. I’m glad I married someone who loves it just as much as me!

4. My first job was working for a lawn care company called, “Weed Man.” I would go door-to-door in the Idaho winter, asking people if they wanted a free estimate. It wasn’t my fave, but it was cool to make my own money.

5. I spent my growing up years split between 2 states. The first half in Bradenton, Florida and the second in Nampa, Idaho.

6. When I was 17, I spent a summer in the Amazon jungle on a missions trip. It was truly a catalyst for me in my faith and how I spent time with Jesus.

7. I was in several musicals growing up. My all-time fav was, “Hello Dolly.” I was cast as Dolly, which was honestly perfect for me. I got to be over the top animated with a touch of drama, lol.

8. I get super competitive. I mean, who doesn’t love winning? I grew up in a sports family, and still love volleyball to this day. Also, I will crush you in catch phrase.

9. I am not a dessert person at all. But we already established french fries = life, so it balances out.

10. Beach or mountains? I grew up experiencing both (Florida –> Idaho) and both are incredibly grand and breathtaking. I love how nature has a way of grounding you and creating calm. If I had to chose, I would say that nothing makes me feel more at home than the beach. However, I miss the mountains and am always asking to go on a mountain trip (which we are for my bday!).  One day I would like to take the kids and Drew back to Idaho though!

11. I have a fear of heights… but I feel like thats pretty normal and healthy and weird if you don’t… jk, but for real.

12. My first concert that I ever went to was Kelly Clarkson.

13. I enrolled in college as nursing student and never enrolled in a single nursing class. Instead, I took music classes and eventually changed my major to Vocal Performance. I had a freak out moment half way through college and changed my major to elementary ed for a semester, before I changed it back and graduated with my bachelor’s in Vocal Performance.

14. I love wearing the color black and rarely wear the color blue. Just what I gravitate to I guess. I think black is a classy and sleek.

15. My favorite movie is The Sound of Music. It’s my dream to one day do The Sound of Music tour in Salzburg.

16. I am from a blended family. My mother was widowed when I was 5 and remarried a widower 6 years later. My mom had 5 kiddos and he had 2. I am the middle of the 5 and became the 5th of 7, however I am a middle child through and through.

17. When my mom remarried, our step dad adopted us and so our last name changed from Colón to Lewellyn.  I feel like I have 2 maiden names.

18. I am not a picky eater and love food. I do however strongly dislike mushrooms and sushi. I have tried to make friends with both. Numerous times. I cannot.

19. I don’t drink coffee. I just don’t really like it or how I feel when I drink it.

20. I turned down my now husband 4 times over the course of 2 years before I agreed to date him. We dated for 9 months before he proposed and 5 months later we got married.

21. I love spicy food. Spicy to the point where my nose is running a little and maybe a tear or two come out of my eyes.

22. I used to go to first grade every day crying because my hair wasn’t perfect. The teacher thought I was having issues at home. Nope, just my hair. Luckily that was just a phase, ’cause most days now my hair is cray and I’m into it.

23. I was asked to write an article for a blog once and needed a word to describe perfectly what I was saying; so I made one up and had it published in Urban Dictionary for “credibility.” The article was on community and its importance. The word I concocted was “half-living” which I have conveniently linked in order for you to see my published work. And yes, I used the handle “QueenKathryn.” I have now expanded your vocabulary. You’re welcome. (The blog didn’t end up using my article…)

24. Drew and I have gotten to travel a bit abroad together. We have been to the Czech Republic, Italy,  the UK, and Mexico.

25. I took private lessons and played the flute for 8 years, but it’s been longer than that since I’ve actually played it. I wish I had taken piano lessons instead.

26. I went on 5 first time dates in college- 2 turned into a second date. Drew was the first date number 3. He was my first boyfriend.

27. I have watched Gilmore Girls in its entirety 4 times through.

28. I detest the sound of people chewing… but since it’s pretty much unavoidable, I make it work lol.

29. Dry shampoo is life forever and ever, amen. I put it in my hair even when it’s clean.

30. I am a celebrater by nature. I love celebrating everything, even the smallest of moments, no birthday needed! I think it makes taking in the small ordinary moments special and allows you to be more present in them. This is not to be confused with being good at party planning. Because no. I am not a planner and like going to parties I don’t plan… however, I will celebrate the crap out of you.

Thanks for celebrating with me friends!

Much love,


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  1. Suzanne February 7, 2019

    I didn’t know you were a nursing major when you entered college!!! That’s awesome! SO love celebrating too! Super fun!Wish you were here today and we’d celebrate BIG!!! 💝🎉🎊 SO grateful you are having a blessed and fun day!!! Love you!!!😘❤️🎂🎁🎈💝🎉


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