5 Winter Wardrobe Must Haves

blzer and leggins-8

This Fall/Winter season I have found that there are at least 5 wardrobe “must haves” on rotation in my closet. I thought I would share them with you, along with some options for each. A lot of them come in several different colors/patterns; so if you like the silhouette, but aren’t crazy about the color, click on it and see if there is a better option for you.

Up first is how I styled 4 out of the 5 of my must-haves:

blzer and leggins-20blzer and leggins-12blzer and leggins-10blzer and leggins-6

| Sweater | Blazer | Leggings | Shoes |

1. Leggings– Although leggings are a year round sort of thing (for me at least), they really get their use out of the winter months. Leggings are super versatile when it comes to dressing them up or down and a comfy alternative to denim. I love pairing them with a good oversized sweater or a long tunic. I’m also all about the clean and sleek look of pairing leggings with boots; there’s no bulk like you can get with some jeans and boots… and no bulk = win.  I currently have been rotating between the black Zella high waisted legging and the Spanx faux leather legging, hands down two of my favorite leggings. Here are some leggings options:

1.faux leather legging

2. faux leather motto

3.zella legging

4.jcrew pixie

5.ae camo legging

|1. Faux Leather Legging | 2. Motto Faux Leather Legging| 3. Live In High Waisted legging |4. Everyday Stretch Pant |5. Move High Waisted Camo Legging |

2. Sweater– This one was a little tough for me to narrow down. In the world of sweaters, there are so many different cuts and looks. There’s the pom pom sweater (here is another one I thought was too cute not to share!), cropped sweaters, color blocking sweaters… but I have found that there are two that I am drawn to and feel as though they have a classic look about them. The mock neck sweater and oversized sleeve sweater. The structured neckline or the feminine sleeve add interest and flattering elements to sweaters in my opinion, and they create some timeless looks. My ALL TIME favorite sweater that I have talked about non-stop lately is this oversized free people sweater. I always pounce on this sweater when it goes on sale and have it in a couple of colors now. Here are some other sweater options:

1. french nord sweater


3. hmgrey-sweater.jpeg


5. hm-red-sweater.jpeg

 6. top-shop-cream-sweater.jpg

|1. Orla Sweater | 2. Knit Funnel Neck Tunic | 3. Knit Mock Turtleneck Sweater | 4. Turtleneck Sweater |5. Mock Neck Sweater | 6. Funnel Neck Jumper |

3. White Bootie– Okay so this trend was one that I was unsure about for a while. I don’t like to invest in trends that will go out quickly, but the longer the white boot sticks around, the more I am drawn to it and see it as a fun neutral boot option. I typically like to see if the trend is new to our era or is something that’s come back around. If it’s the latter, than it usually falls into the “classic” category for me and even after it’s done being a hot trend, it still can be worn and feel/look current.. Or classic.  Although white can seem bright and impractical, it actually goes with evvvverything and made out of the right material, cleans easily! I personally have tried Steve Madden’s Cafe Boot and Treasure and Bond’s Farrah Studded bootie. I absolutely loved the fit and look of both, but I ended up sticking with the Treasure and Bond bootie, because I felt like it wouldn’t pick up as much dirt and would be easier to clean. Here are some white bootie options:

1. cafe bootie

2. farrah bootie
3. dsw flat bootie

4. dsw block bootie

5. macys bootie

|1. Cafe Boot | 2. Farrah Bootie | 3. Thiama Bootie | 4. Adden Bootie |5. Gabby ankle booties |

4. Blazer– The blazer is another super classic staple, but I am enjoying all the current cuts and patterns as of late. Adding a blazer to an outfit offers a masculine element, allowing you to pair it with other feminine pieces for a balanced look. It also brings structure to a look, and depending on the cut, is very figure flattering. Blazers work well in the winter over sweaters, I would just size up for room. There have been so many different textiles this season for the blazer and a few of my favorites have been the double breasted long blazers, the plaid blazers, and sweater blazers! I own this plaid blazer and wear it with so much. I am also wanting to invest in this sweater blazer (waiting for a sale), but so many people have loved this one! Here are some blazer options:

1. hm plaid


3. hm-black.jpeg

4.pink nord

5. velvet

| 1. Pattern-weave Jacket | 2. Sophie open-front Sweater Blazer | 3. Double-breasted Jacket | 4. Slouchy Narrow Lapel Blazer | 5. Velvet Blazer |

5. Loafer/ Mule– I don’t know if mules aren’t ever in, but they are super in right now. There is one specific one (these) that I have had my eye on, but I’m waiting for the right time, aka a sale. Mules are super comfortable and easy, but can elevate a look just like that. As a mom that counts my “getting ready” time as precious, I like to have options in my closet that takes little effort to wear (comfort, mobility), but can help me look pulled together. Mules are the perfect in between of boots and sneakers and keep ya lookin stylish. Here are some mule options:

1. Messages-Image1723990261.png

2. Messages-Image1128909891.png

3. capri mule

 4. blush-loafer.jpeg

 5. feather-loafer.jpeg

6. emma-dorso-oxford.jpg

|1. The Brady Low-cut Bootie | 2. The Frances Loafer | 3. Capri Mule | 4. Kelin Flat | 5. Feather Loafer Flat | 6. Emma d’Orsay Oxford |

And there you have it! Have there been any other staples outside of these 5 that you have found to be awesome go-tos? Please share!!

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