Heyo! I’m Kathryn Miller – A Puerto Rican that hails from North Carolina. I’m a wife and mother and feel extremely fortunate to stay at home with my babies. Although we call Charlotte home, I’ve lived in Florida (born and raised), Saudi Arabia, Idaho, and Virginia. I guess you could say I have a built-in adoration for the beach and travel. Madewell and Chipotle rival it out for where I spend the most money. French fries have remained at the top of my favorite foods list for almost 30 years now and no matter how hard I’ve tried, I cannot be friends with mushrooms. I have a love for music, fitness, savory healthy food, Jesus, a good experience, the movies, and my incredibly UH-mazing family.

This lifestyle blog exists to be a safe place for me and for you to connect and share.  It’s a space for people to feel like they’re a part of a community; for us to connect over big life things, but also some small life things. Recipes, clothes, good deals, kids, love, life — this is a space for it all, and you’re welcome to join.






Drew and I met because he and his housemates were hosting a game night. I was invited over by a friend and unbeknownst to me, I was really invited because one of his housemates wanted to meet me. It was a set-up and Drew broke all sorts of bro-code that night because he pursued me hard. He also got rejected pretty hard… 4 times to be exact throughout the course of 2 years. Over time, we both grew and changed and I’m so glad he pursued me a 5th time! We’ve now been married for over 5 years and are truly each other’s bffs. I don’t know what I would do without him. He’s the person I can/want to do anything and everything with. He is unbelievably kind and loving to me and the most present daddy to our kiddos. It’s such a gift to do life’s adventures with this dude. He’s my forever favorite.




Oh my heart, these kids could make it burst. I have two children — Linus (2yrs) and June (8mo). Linus has affectionately nicknamed his sister “Junie” and we adore it. He’s loud and full of endless energy but he’s also the sweetest snuggler and friend. I melt at his precious kisses and his most said phrase, “mommy come sit with me?” I see him being such a community builder already. We are so proud of our little guy. And then there’s our Junie girl. She too is extremely loud (between me and Drew our kids didn’t stand a chance). She’s already a strong force while also being THE happiest baby ever. She smiles so easily and starts laughing at the smallest things. She’s a joy-bringer and content to just be. These little lives are incredible and Drew and I don’t take the responsibility of being their parents lightly. It’s a gift and a deep privilege!