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Soooo I have two kids which makes me an expert in all things baby products right? While I understand there are literally hundreds of products/shops out there that help in the world of mothering, I thought I would share with you some that I have found to work for our little family! I get asked a lot about the must haves when it comes to the kiddos. These are things we have used and found super useful! I would love to hear what other things you’ve used that has worked well for you!

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Solly Baby Wrap– This was a life saver for me! I used it so much with both kids and this company is one that feels good to support. I love the thin, stretchy, soft material the Solly is made of. It’s comfy to wear and the lightweight material breaths better than other brands I’ve tried. I used this from infancy to around 6/7 months. I still use it at times with June and she’s almost 10 months. Whether it was a family walk, grocery shopping, church (trying to keep other hands away from new baby), or just a fussy babe and I needed my hands to cook dinner, this was something I used over and over again. Highly recommend!!solly

Ergo 360 All Positions Baby Carrier– If you are a family that goes out a lot then baby carriers are amazing to have. This carrier came in super handy when we went places where strollers were difficult to use. Linus also hated the stroller, but he loved being able to face forward in the ergo. This was great when he got too big for the Solly Wrap, but still wasn’t old enough/trustworthy enough to sit in carts or walk. With this ergo you can carry in several different positions!


Wipe Warmer– I can’t tell you how many times I heard “you don’t need that.” And it’s true, you don’t necessarily need it, but we loved it. It made a difference for us especially in the middle of the night diaper changes and not waking baby up even more with a cold wipe. When the kids started sleeping through most nights, we unplugged it and just used it as a dispenser. I like that there in’t a crinkling noise like when trying to get wipes out of those plastic wipe bags. I also like the sleek look in the nursery, having the wipes put away in a dispenser. We still use both with Linus and June.wipe warmer

Dockatot YES to the dock a tot. It’s hard to explain to people why this was such a good investment, especially when people see the price tag. But sleep. That’s why. We didn’t have this for Linus and we were making makeshift ones (probably not the safest thing ever). When June came around we pulled the trigger and we were super happy we did! She loved it and slept like a champ in it. When we transitioned her to her crib, we moved the Dockatot to her crib, and one night took it out all together and that was that! Smooth transition and sleep for everyone!


Hatch Sound MachineThis is hands down the best sound machine I’ve found. I have tried several and they either have weird tangs to the white noise, give out, or don’t get loud enough. The white noise on this baby is on point, gets plenty loud, and you can control it from your phone. We use it in both kid’s rooms and eventually we will use the “wake” setting for Linus when he’s older. It gives off several different colors for lights and is great for nursing at night. They have great customer service as well. Linus broke the cord to his…twice (it has since been moved out of his reach) and they mailed us a new one…twice. hatch.jpeg

Crib Tent– Listen, this is a judgement free zone… so don’t judge me. Linus still sleeps in his crib and we are riding this wave as long as possible. This is made possible by the crib tent. He started climbing out right before I had June and I didn’t have the capacity to make the switch to a toddler bed. He also sleeps on the second floor and we sleep on the first so crib tent it was. He loves it, we love it, no more climbing out. When we travel we put the pack n play inside it and it works like a charm.crib-tent.jpg

Diffuser/humidifierI have been recently introduced to the world of essential oils and I’m loving it. Being able to diffuse oils in the kid’s rooms is huge, especially during cold and flu season. We also run small heaters in their room at night so putting moisture back in the room with a humidifier is important or they wake up with crusty noses. I am still on the fence as to what diffuser/humidifier to purchase, but have had a couple recommendations. This two-in-one humidifier/diffuser is in the running.  I’ve also heard amazing things about Young Living’s Desert diffuseryl diffuser

White crib sheetsWhen I was pregnant with Linus I agonized over what crib sheets I would get. Were they soft enough, were they cute and interesting enough. I have since learned that most crib sheets are the same thread count and kids sheets get grody and being able to bleach them without worrying about ruining the design was a gift. I also happen to like white, so win win. They discontinued the ones we buy (story of my life) so I will link similar ones in thread count and price point. I will be purchasing these ones, so I will let you know if they’re good!


Crib Mesh Bumper– This is another one of those things we wish we had had with Linus, and when June came around it was a must from the beginning. I love the look of it and even better, nothing falls through the cribs spindles- pacis, blankets, pacis, limbs.bumper

Miracle Blanket Swaddle– So many different swaddles out there, but this one was the only one that kept our Houdini in. It only comes in one size, but we were able to stick with it for 6 months. When their legs got too long for it (only happened with Linus) we just kept the legs out of the swaddle. 


Copper Pearl Burp Cloths As a mom, these are things I get excited over. Linus drooled and spit up like crazy and I was always looking for burp cloths that could make it through more than one feeding. I ended up using blankets as burp cloths. With June, I found these and man they’re amazing. Super absorbent and not an awkward small size. I got the white ones because they were easier for me to clean but they have other looks! This company makes the cutest patterns!burp-cloths.jpg

Drool Bibs– Again, Linus was a drooling machine and these drool bibs saved me from changing his clothes several times a day. June didn’t drool as much and we used these from Amazon. They’re less absorbent but they were perfect for her and I loved the daintier look and the price point.drool bibs

My Breast Friend If you plan on nursing, this nursing pillow is the bomb. I tried several others and ended up borrowing this one from a friend. When we had June, we invested in our own. It’s just overall easier to use. It buckles behind you so you have less to carry in your hands aside from the baby. It has a pocket… cause who doesn’t want a pocket in their nursing pillow, and it’s firmer. I was able to nurse using several different holds with this pillow. It got tons of use and still is nice and firm!

nursing pillow

Tubby Todd All Over OintmentThis is another small company that I love! Their products are all natural and plant based. The all over ointment is my go to and I use it on my own skin as well! Diaper rashes, weird bumps, dry patches… so many uses for this. It’s also great for eczema. They also have bath stuff, but this is the one product I have used from them.tubby todd

Nose Frida– It’s gross (to me), but just get it. You won’t regret it and if you don’t buy it, you probably will end up running to the store to buy it when your kid gets their first cold. As gross (to me) as it is, it’s completely worth it to have your little one breath and sleep easier while dealing with congestion. And it works!

nose frida

Essential Oils Again, I am new to this world, but man have I seen a difference in my kids when I use them! For right now I have only tried a couple- Gentle baby for overall stress and calm, Lavender, and Copaiba for teething. My best recommendation is to find someone knowledgeable about oils and pick their brains about the products!! Also side note: we also use Tamanu Oil on diaper rashes. June gets them often and easily and this has always taken care of it the fastest. A little goes a long way and it lasts forever!


Amber Teething NecklaceI get asked so much about this one. Most people think it’s decorative or something they chew on and it’s actually neither. Well I guess it could be decorative, but it’s so much more than that. The Amber beads sit against the skin and warm up against the body allowing the amber resin to get in the blood stream and send soothing properties throughout the body. There is nothing that will take away teething pain completely, but this is a great natural remedy and we have been able to tell a huge difference with both kids when they wear it. We got June the 12″ necklace in the color honey. teething necklace

Spectra S2 Breast Pump I have only tried one other pump (medela) and I liked it. However after reading reviews, the second time around I chose this pump and I was not disappointed. It is quieter and more efficient. I was able to pump so much more in a shorter amount of time.pump.jpeg

Nursing Cover I used this so much and it also doubled as a carseat cover. This company is super sweet and I know there are so many out there, but I feel loyal to this one! The cover is bigger than other brands and it washes well.


Owlet Smart Sock I could probably do a whole blog post on this. If I didn’t get anything else, I would get this. I know everyone is so different, but for me this one is a must have. I was able to sleep because of the owlet. Having so much new is hard… and infants are everything new and at times hard. New sleep schedule, new routine, new person, new worries. The owlet was peace of mind, and it’s hard to put a price tag on that. It was a huge weight off my shoulders to be able to look over and see my baby’s heart and oxygen levels being monitored. The company’s customer service is great and the resale on these monitors is also great!owlet

Monitor This monitor is nothing special, but it has worked great for us. The pros of this particular monitor is it doesn’t connect to wifi (so we never worried about losing wifi and could set it up anywhere), and you can connect up to 4 cameras to it.  We use the setting that goes between Linus and June’s room every 5 seconds. Again, nothing fancy, but it has really been what we needed it to be.


Puj Tub This portable tub was awesome for both kids! When we moved, our kitchen sink was too big for it, so we just set it in a basket like this and it worked great. We would store it flat on the side of the fridge (it’s magnetic) and it made bath time super easy!

puj tub

Ryan and RoseThis is one of my favorite shops ever. The sweetest family-owned shop with quality products. Her paci clips are so well made and beautiful!! She also has a paci called the PATpat that doubles as a teether and my daughter loves it! Her clips make amazing gifts as well.cutie clips

mamaRooThis is one of those things that isn’t for everyone, but if your kid loves it, then it’s amazing to have. Both my kids loved it and they spent so much time in it. Almost all their naps took place in it for the first month or two before we got into a routine. I loved that it wasn’t big or bulky and didn’t take up as much room as a swing. Both Linus and June loved sitting in it and sleeping or observing the world.momaroo.jpeg

HighchairThis highchair is super simple and inexpensive, but it’s something I can’t recommend enough. There is an infant insert as well for the younger kids. It’s not as foldable as some, but the legs do come off and we have traveled with it on road trips fine. It’s easy to wipe down, smaller, and streamline- blending in with the rest of the home aesthetic… which matters to me. I love my babies and have plenty of evidence in my home that kids reign free, but I love when I can find things that also don’t take away from the decor or calm feeling I am trying to go for in our home. Large plastic toys and food contraptions can easily be eye sores, and we do have some of those, but this highchair has been a win in that department. You can also replace any one part of the highchair should you need to, since all the parts are separate SKUs. Sometimes we pop off the tray and push Linus up right to the table with us and he loves it.ikea high chair

Nalgene Bottle– We have tried an array of sippy cups and have liked a few, but have really loved this one. It holds so much and doesn’t spill. You heard me. Does not spill. What what! Obviously this one is for a little bit older age group (Linus is 2). It doesn’t have a bunch of little pieces to assemble and it’s super easy for him to use. Linus chugs water throughout the day and brings his Nalgene everywhere. Again, It holds a lot of water and has held up against the usage of a very active toddler.nalgene bottle

Reusable Pouches and Pouch Spouts We use these ALL the time. These are great if you make your own baby food/ buy in bulk. You can dump applesauce, yogurt, and purees in these and be on your merry way! We have never had issues with them opening; they’re super sturdy. And the pouch spouts are brilliant. It makes it so much easier to hand my son a pouch in the car and not worry about wiping down the ceiling afterward.  


Fawn Design Diaper Bag– This. Bag. Is. Gold. Again this is another company that feels awesome to support! The bags are super well made and they hold SO MUCH. The biggest bonus to me about this bag is that no matter how much I put in it, it doesn’t lose its shape. It’s a backpack and messenger bag in one and has tons of storage compartments and pockets. The bag is also a beaut. I have used it out on my own when I don’t have the kids and never felt like I was sporting a diaper bag.Image-1

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