H&M Current Kid Favs

IMG_9796-2There was a small sale going on at H&M that ended yesterday… oops. So I thought I would round up some of my favorites for little boys and girls! Honestly you will experience a better sale (25% off) than the one that just ended, and free shipping if you sign up with your email and make a log in. That would be the way to go. You can always stash this post away for a sale that’s probably right around the corner as well!

We love shopping at H&M for the kid’s clothes and watching for sales. You can find such stylish clothes for really affordable prices and the length of time they are able to fit into the pieces is sooo long (which we love). They have different sizing than most US stores and they tend to run a tad big, so keep that in mind! For the most part we order the size that matches up with their age, but for June we will size down 1 size in tops.

Baby Girl:

Baby Boy:

Linus and June have both worn the white velcro sneakers. We keep buying them over and over as they out grow them because they are such a staple shoe and hold up so well.

Little Girl:

I love the floral sweater and it’s priced at $5.99, which makes me like it even more!

Little Boy:

Linus has the blue dino sweater, black skinny jeans ($9.99), and the bomber jacket (but in black). We get so much use out of all of those things and the price point on the New York Sweatshirt and Leopard t-shirt is only $4.99!

There are so many other sweet looks up on their site, but those are ones that stood out to me. Let me know if you have any questions, or if you’re looking for something in particular. I would love to help!

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