Linus Turns 3

KN-94Linus turned 3 on March 4th… how do I have a full fledged toddler?! I have come to the conclusion that there will be some variation of this question that I’ll ask myself each year as my children get older and older- “how do I wave a kindergardner?” “Since when do I have a kid who can drive?” “how is this person an adult?!?!” It’s quite the gift to see him grow and mature, but time is weird. I find myself wanting it to speed up and slow down all within the same day. That is the very reason that capturing memories through photos is something extremely meaningful to me.

I realize March 4th has come and gone, but I couldn’t not share all this goodness that my sister Kelsey (who also made the cake) captured. I have said this before, but Linus is a celebrater of all things and when it was his turn for us to celebrate him- kid couldn’t contain himself. Watching him light up over even the smallest of details was so special. My favorite was him wanting to make sure that everyone he loved so dearly knew they were invited to his birthday; we face-timed a butt ton of people to deliver the invite.

Here are some sweet moments from his bday frozen in time for us to cherish (Linus’s only instructions were that he wanted a blue cake, balloons, oranges, and rice crispy treats… so we made it happen lol):







Don’t ever change my boy. You see the world with magical wonder and spread so much light and love without condition. Happy third birthday sweet Linus.

Thanks again for celebrating with us my friends, we are so grateful for you!

Much love,


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