Linus Turns 3

KN-94Linus turned 3 on March 4th… how do I have a full fledged toddler?! I have come to the conclusion that there will be some variation of this question that I’ll ask myself each year as my children get older and older-

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Children’s Gift Guide

Lifestyle-blog-images-114I get a lot of questions about what gift ideas I might have when it comes to small kiddos… since I have them (small kiddos). When kid’s get a little older, it’s easier to ask them for gifts ideas and get a legitimate answer like: I would like a hot wheels set for my birthday. I recently asked Linus what he wanted for his birthday and his response was: “uuuuhhhhhh… aaa…aaaaaa a book, no a phone!!” Needless to say buying gifts for smaller children can feel daunting, SO! I have made a rather long winded (in true k.miller fashion) gift guide for those little people in your life. A lot of these toys we either own or have “test drove” at other homes.

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H&M Current Kid Favs

IMG_9796-2There was a small sale going on at H&M that ended yesterday… oops. So I thought I would round up some of my favorites for little boys and girls! Honestly you will experience a better sale (25% off) than the one that just ended, and free shipping if you sign up with your email and make a log in. That would be the way to go. You can always stash this post away for a sale that’s probably right around the corner as well!

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30 Things You May Not Know About Me


Well… I’m 30. So many have asked, “How does it feel.” Honestly, it feels good and bad, ha.  Bad because it feels like a point of no return regarding time; even though time was never a thing that could be redone. Good because life feels calmer; calmer in that I have a better sense of who I am/who I want to be, what matters, the massive pile of nonsense that doesn’t matter, and the growing insight that with Jesus, it really will all work out.

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June’s First Birthday


It’s crazy how humans just keep growing and your once wee babe is now a full on walking, solid food eating, chatty as ever 1 YEAR OLD!!! This crazy, love-filled year went by so quickly, but was also filled with the sweetest intentional pauses. This bday celebration for our Junie girl was one of them.

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17 Tips when vacationing to an all-inclusive

IMG_8688Oh Mexico, how I love you. You’ve given me suntans, a love for Corona and lime, lots of laughs with my guy, my first scuba diving experience, as well as helped me read a book in its entirety… something that doesn’t happen often. I have have found rest and life-giving conversations on your beaches, and I am forever grateful.

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5 Winter Wardrobe Must Haves

blzer and leggins-8

This Fall/Winter season I have found that there are at least 5 wardrobe “must haves” on rotation in my closet. I thought I would share them with you, along with some options for each. 

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Turkey Chili Recipe

easy-fall-chili-recipe-charlotte-blogger-4I have always enjoyed cooking! I can remember as a 5 year old I would sit in my grandmother’s yard with her decorative outdoor pots (it’s a thing) and gather anything and everything that resembled “that looks like it could go in soup,” and dump it in with some dirt and water. Mud soup was my specialty. These days I’m making more edible dinners for the fam and this Turkey Chili has become a favorite.

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