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You may be thinking, “But Kathryn, it’s 7 days till Christmas, a Winter bucket list will do me no good now.” And to you I say, FALSE! It’s the perfect time to whip one up and start crossing things off of it. Here’s why:a lot of times leading up to Christmas we naturally find ourselves doing things like putting up a tree, doing a gift exchange etc, but it’s the winter that comes afterwards that (at least for me) I have a hard time savoring. While a lot of the things on my winter bucket list do have to do with Christmas, some of them can be done way later into the winter months. Spring isn’t till March (for those of you who weren’t sure ha). A lot of days live between now and then so Winter bucket list = yes please. This is also part of managing that seasonal depression/slump and taking intentional steps to be present and actively doing things to embrace this season in ways you will enjoy!

We have already begun to cross things off our Winter bucket list. Most recently, baking cookies to decorate. Linus is way more into eating them than decorating them so we’ll see how many actually get frosted. (Disclaimer: all cookie cutters and little hands were washed before actual making of cookies… in case you’re one of our neighbors reading this/getting cookies from us lol)



Once again, I am sharing my family’s winter bucket list and then all the ideas you guys sent in as well! So who’s with me?!

Here is our family Winter Bucket list:

  1. Go see the Lights at Charlotte motor speedway (a lot of cities have something like this!)
  2. Buy and light a winter scented candle. My all time favorite is Fresh Balsam from Bath and Body Works.
  3. Make some type of Winter soup and share with friends.
  4. Put up a Christmas tree
  5. Drink hot coco
  6. Watch Home Alone 2 with Drew
  7. Make a Winter playlist and listen to it often
  8. Decorate Christmas cookies
  9. Bring baked goods to neighbors
  10. Host a Christmas party
  11. Prioritize family health (eat well, sleep well, drink water, exercise)
  12. Drive around to look at Christmas lights
  13. Make a hand ornaments for the kids. I made one for Linus’s first Christmas but I still need to make one for June. I just found a simple recipe on Pinterest (linked here)
  14. Sit around a fire with friends
  15. Celebrate 3 Kings day. This is a Latin holiday (you can read about it here), but you’re welcome to join in on the fun Latin or not!
  16. Plan a cozy getaway with Drew
  17. Make a pot of mulled wine
  18. Visit the discovery center downtown with the family
  19. Turn 30


Here are more ideas that you guys sent in:

  1. Make a snowman
  2. Go ice skating
  3. Make a snow angel
  4. Attend a performance of the nutcracker
  5. Attend a classical concert
  6. Attend a play
  7. Build a fire
  8. Take a trip to warmer weather
  9. Take a trip to colder weather
  10. Make ornaments
  11. Participate in a white elephant gift exchange
  12. Watch White Christmas
  13. Watch How the Grinch stole Christmas
  14. Watch It’s a Wonderful Life
  15. Donate time/money to a local charity or shelter
  16. Put up Christmas lights
  17. Make s’mores
  18. Send out Christmas cards
  19. Make gingerbread houses (maybe even turn it into a competition)
  20. Go caroling
  21. Follow an advent calendar
  22. Visit Santa
  23. Take family photos
  24. Read the Christmas story
  25. Donate toys
  26. Decorate front stoop
  27. Go skiing
  28. Have a snowball fight
  29. Shovel a neighbors driveway
  30. Put together a puzzle with the family
  31. Do the Polar bear plunge
  32. Host a football party
  33. Keep a gratitude Journal
  34. Take a class of some sort- Cooking, pottery, painting
  35. Host a game night
  36. Build a fort inside
  37. Have a movie marathon
  38. Do a random act of kindness
  39. Make paper snowflakes
  40. Go to New York City
  41. Host or go to a New Year’s Eve party
  42. Go on a sleigh ride
  43. Take vitamin D
  44. Buy a “happy” lamp (here’s a great option).
  45. Have a pancake breakfast
  46. Learn to knit
  47. Deep clean and organize home
  48. Take a drive through the mountains
  49. Bake bread
  50. Make a reading list and actually read the books on it

Here’s to making the most of the Winter months and creating intentional memories with people!

Much love,

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  1. Megan December 17, 2018

    You are so right about the after Christmas seasonal depressive slump! These are great ideas.


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