June’s First Birthday


It’s crazy how humans just keep growing and your once wee babe is now a full on walking, solid food eating, chatty as ever 1 YEAR OLD!!! This crazy, love-filled year went by so quickly, but was also filled with the sweetest intentional pauses. This bday celebration for our Junie girl was one of them.

June turned 1 on January 1st and we planned to celebrate the following weekend. Cue the stomach bug. I went to get each kid up for the morning and behind door #1 was an explosive diarrhea Junie. Behind door #2 was a vomit-caked Linus. So we pushed the festivities out to the next weekend.

Even though the party fairies had granted me a whole extra week to get my crap together for the bday, let’s be honest: I’m not a planner by nature and I don’t bake. So while I would love to bestow all my knowledge of party planning on you, I’ll just show you what I ordered from Amazon and how I taped it to the wall. (everything linked below)

Hopefully some of this sparks ideas for your own child’s bday bash, but if not, enjoy the pictures that my oh-so-talented sister Kelsey Schwenk took (she also baked the most beautiful and delicious cake!).








We ended up buying a folding table and 3M decorative command strips (what I used to hang the pin wheel fans- link here) from Target. The table is no longer available, but I am linking a similar one from Amazon (link here). The command strips on the wall were perfect, and with a little patience, removed without a trace from the wall! I used paper clips (use the small size) to close the paper wheels so I could reuse them down the line, and attached a small string to the paper clip to hang them from the command hooks.

I found the cutie pear basket intending it for June’s room, but I thought it was too sweet not to include it in the party decor. Everything else was found on Amazon:

|1. Pink and Gold Paper Rosettes | 2. Assorted Round Paper Fans | 3. White Paper Straws |4. Gold Happy Birthday Banner | 5. White Table Cloth |6. Clear 12″ Latex Balloons | 7. Birthday Candles |

We are so proud of our girl and can’t believe we get to do life with her. She is quite the little force and truly a source of seemingly endless joy (though she has her moments;). Thank you for celebrating along side us! It really does mean the world.

Much love,




  1. Suzanne January 21, 2019

    Every picture SO adorable!!! Thanks for posting!!! Love you all so so very much!!! ā¤ļøšŸ˜˜šŸ˜

  2. Megan February 1, 2019

    Taping stuff to walls is the entirety of my decorating scheme and I can say with confidence that you did great!

    • Kathryn Miller February 4, 2019

      amen for tape right haha?! Thank you though, that’s really kind!


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